Sea Odyssey - A Giant Spectacular { 77 images } Created 20 Apr 2012

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A little giant girl and her dog Xolo are found sleeping in Stanley Park in Liverpool. She awakes, showers and walks around Anfield and Everton before sleeping at Everton Brow. She is searching the city for her Uncle who later that afternoon climbs out of Salthouse Dock in the city centre.

The event was created by legendary street theatre group Royal de Lux. Their creator, Jean-Luc Courcoult, was inspired by a letter at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. The letter was written by a little girl to her father on Titanic. It never arrived. Sea Odyssey shows the girl, called Little Girl Giant, walking around Liverpool on a quest to learn news of her father from her uncle who has dived to the wreck of the ship.

The giants reunited on Saturday evening and on Sunday paraded through the city to crowds of 500,000 people. They sailed down the Mersey and disappeared into mist and magic.
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